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Planet Normal: Why online radicalisation 'was always going to be a problem under lockdown' | Podcast

Telegraph, 18 Nov 2021
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Everything's gone a bit pear-shaped, and it hasn't escaped the notice of Telegraph columnists Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan. With inflation above 4% and the cost of living spiralling, Liam tells listeners why he's convinced the PM is distracted by "chaos" within Tory ranks, while Allison has her head in her hands over the political class' "deflection and denial" following the distressing attack in Liverpool.

Plus, never two to shy away from difficult subjects, our co-hosts welcome academic and terrorism expert Dr Rakib Ehsan aboard the rocket to share his concerns over the UK's Prevent strategy, the portrayal of Muslim people in the media and why our leaders are suffering from "bigotry of low expectations".

And a particularly complimentary listener email leaves Ms Pearson blushing...

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