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Ten people found dead at bottom of migrant boat off Libya

Telegraph, 17 Nov 2021
Ten people were found dead at the bottom of an overcrowded boat packed with 99 surviving migrants rescued at sea off the Libyan coast on Tuesday.

The victims had suffocated within the packed boat which was reportedly at sea for over 13 hours.

The operation was conducted by the Geo Barents rescue vessel operated by Doctors Without Borders.

The ship's crew responded after a distress call was confirmed by volunteers conducting aerial surveillance, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) off the Libyan coast.

The rescue ship is currently carrying 186 people, including many women and children, the youngest of whom is 10 months old.

According to Doctors Without Borders the deaths were avoidable.

So far this year, more than 59,000 migrants have reached Italian shores.

A 50% increase compared to the previous year but still the numbers are low, compared to the migration influx of the 2014-2017 period

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