Sunday, Nov 28, 2021
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2021/11/16 China's WTO entry 20 years on: The benefits and challenges

CGTN, 17 Nov 2021
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The four-day plenary session of the Communist Party of #China (CPC) Central Committee, the Party's highest decision-making body, has just wrapped up in Beijing. The meeting came up with a rare historic resolution on the Party's history and achievements on its 100th anniversary this year. It is also set to convene the 20th CPC National Congress in the second half of next year. The landmark resolution highlighted China's phenomenal development through the decades, which has also been a driver of global growth. China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 did help spur growth both within and beyond the country. Over the last two decades, the country's persistent efforts to reform and open up have paid off, in step with the world economy. On that, Tian Wei sat down with Zhang Xiangchen, deputy director-general of the WTO. Let's hear his views on the evolution of the Chinese market and its role in the #WTO.

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