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Humanitarian crisis deepens on Poland-Belarus border

DW, 20 Nov 2021
The humanitarian situation on the European Union's eastern frontier is worsening. Officials in Poland say they've again pushed back several groups of migrants trying to cross the border with Belarus. Many more are being held inside Belarus after weeks spent camping in remote forests. Young families are caught up in a bitter dispute between the two neighboring nations.
A logistics center in Belarus has become the migrants latest camp. Warehouse shelves have been turned into make-shift beds.
Children make the most of their new surroundings - apparently oblivious to what's going on around them, as guards control the two thousand mostly Iraqi Kurds who are now stuck here - waiting for a better life.
For weeks, the world has watched the standoff, as migrants have tried to cross from Belarus into the European Union, only to be forced back at the Polish border.
The EU has accused Belarus of using migrants as a 'political weapon.' Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko admits his forces may have assisted people along the way - but remains unconcerned.
Outside the warehouse, migrants queue for the mobile shop and for the one free meal they get a day. All of them waiting. All of them hoping. But what happens next is out of their hands.


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