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In full: Boris Johnson refuses to rule out Christmas lockdown at Covid-19 briefing

Telegraph, 15 Nov 2021
Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives his latest briefing on Covid-19 developments.

He is joined by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty.

He begins the press conference by talking about the "sickening" attack in Liverpool yesterday.

"It is a stark reminder of the need for us all to remain utterly vigilant", he said, pointing to the increased terror threat.

Mr Johnson then turns to the Covid "storm" clouds forming over Europe.

He says "we don't yet know the extent to which this new wave will wash up on our shores, but history shows we cannot afford to be complacent".

On Christmas, Mr Johnson says he does not see anything in the data that would require a Plan B - which is "several steps short of a lockdown".

H adds: "Clearly we cannot rule anything out and the most important thing people can do... is to get the boosters."

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