Sunday, Dec 05, 2021
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Toxic air chokes Delhi days after watered-down COP26 climate deal

BBC, 15 Nov 2021
Indian officials are ready to impose a complete lockdown to fight worsening smog and air pollution, with the Delhi government already announcing week-long school closures.

It comes after India was accused of watering down a COP26 climate deal to cut coal consumption.

Air quality in the city has been hovering between "severe" and "hazardous" for several days.

Burning of crop stubble, industrial and vehicular pollution, and weather patterns turn the city's air noxious every winter.

But the air in the capital and other areas remains poor most of the year. Pollutants from coal-fired power plants are among the culprits.

Despite pressure on India and China, two of the world's top carbon emitters, to sign a deal to end coal use, the two big consumers of coal proposed a last-minute change in wording - countries have now agreed to "phase down" rather than "phase out" coal.

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