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Germany's record coronavirus numbers: What went wrong? | COVID-19 Special

DW, 15 Nov 2021
Germany has never had as many coronavirus cases as it has now. Until now, Germany has done well compared to other European countries. In the summer, the pandemic looked like it was under control. Not any longer. German hospitals are filling up – mainly with the unvaccinated.
So, what went wrong? A dramatic surge in infections has a lot of people asking, is it better to stay home, do I really want to get on a train right now, and will there be another lockdown? There are so many Germans out there who haven't had a single vaccination shot.
As of this week, only vaccinated or recovered people are allowed into restaurants or museums in Saxony. The new rules are intended to slow the steep rise in COVID cases in the region. The vaccination rate in Saxony is far below the national average.
It is the latest attempt to turn the tide in Saxony. And the latest COVID winter in Germany has just begun.


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