Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021
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Elon Musk throws huge, 9,000-strong party to open Tesla Berlin factory

RT, 12 Oct 2021
Quite fittingly, the launch party for the new Tesla Gigafactory Berlin looked more like a rave than a plant opening, with over 9,000 Tesla fans and general revellers turning up for Giga-Fest, as it was dubbed.

With food stalls, giant balloon animatronic-like figures, and techno DJs playing well into the night, the all-day ‘county fair’ event prioritized local attendance, favoring ‘visitors with a zip code in Berlin or Brandenburg.’

Mr. Musk himself was in attendance at the Giga-Fest, taking to the stage to speak some broken German and field questions about the new plant, Tesla developments, and announce the new ‘GigaBier’ alcoholic beverage, which, obviously, comes in a bottle based on Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Tapping into the Berlin rave culture and the German beer scene, Elon’s certainly doing his best to assimilate into the local culture.

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