Thursday, Oct 28, 2021
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Children of the Siege: VR Sketches

RT, 14 Oct 2021
RT Creative Lab presents: an animated movie, ‘Children of the Siege. VR Sketches’, dedicated to the children trapped in the city of Leningrad during the siege by Nazi forces, considered to be the deadliest in history.

For decades, the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg has kept about 700 unique children's drawings that were created during the siege (September 8, 1941 – January 27, 1944). We decided to bring these drawings to life using VR animation technologies together with the world’s best VR artists.

The team of VR artists - Denis "Sa1ntdenis" Semyonov from Russia, Australian Stuart "Sutu" Campbell, Vladimir "VRHUMAN" Ilic from Germany and Rosie Summers from Great Britain - brought historical drawings to the virtual space. Each of them created a three-dimensional illustration in their own unique style.

The movie is a culmination of the ‘War: Kids’ drawings in VR animation’ Facebook series, which is part of a larger cross-platform #VictoryPages project, dedicated to 75 years since victory over Nazism.

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