Monday, Oct 18, 2021
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Planet Normal: When will we have a balanced debate on lockdowns? | Podcast

Telegraph, 14 Oct 2021
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MPs' report into the UK's early pandemic response is out – and it’s given Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan 144 pages of pause for thought. They tell listeners why it's simply not balanced on the collateral damage caused by lockdowns, and query the intentions of one of the document's authors.

Elsewhere, Allison has actually read Liam’s column in order to understand what’s really going on with the energy crisis, Liam dreams of a return to the seventies and the Planet Normal rocket makes a stopover at the cinema as our co-pilots review the latest Bond film.

And joining our Planet Normal rocket this week is Luke Murfitt, founder and CEO of Integrity Cleaning, who tells Liam how a diagnosis with Parkinson's aged just 34 has sped his life up rather than slowing it down, and how his business managed to double its turnover over lockdown.

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