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La Palma volcano: Lava continues to pour from mountain as smoke spews into air

CA, 11 Oct 2021
The volcano in La Palma, Spain continued to erupt on Sunday, threatening buildings and farms and keeping the island's airport closed once again.

Lava consumed more homes early Saturday, with Reuters footage showing plumes of fire and smoke billowing from at least one building, while another was seen in the middle of lava.

Since beginning to erupt Sept. 19, nearly 1,150 buildings and surrounding land have been destroyed.

On Friday, seismic activity increased on the island, both in the number of earthquakes and their magnitude, according to Spain's seismic institution.

Spain's air traffic operator AENA said on Friday La Palma airport remained shut down because of ash accumulations.

Volcano response committee PEVOLCA said on Thursday the air quality in the island had worsened due to changing weather conditions, forcing to close La Palma airport.

Ash cloud disrupted air traffic on the neighbouring island of Tenerife, airport operator Aena said on Friday, a day after it closed the La Palma airport.

Tenerife's northern airport remains open and planes can safely land and take off, but several flights were cancelled or diverted to the island's southern terminal, an Aena spokesperson told Reuters.

Feed: Exclusive Video Courtesy Of TV Canarias

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