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COVID-19: UK PM Boris Johnson says another lockdown not "on the cards"

CA, 23 Oct 2021
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke Friday about the ongoing need for people to get their COVID-19 vaccinations, but balked at the idea of another potential COVID-19-related lockdown this winter with stay-at-home advice or shops closing. He told reporters the government had not seen anything to indicate a lockdown was necessary, saying the idea was not "on the cards."

Advisors recently warned that acting early with lighter measures to cut rising case numbers would reduce the need for tougher restrictions later.

COVID-19 infections in Britain are up 17.9 per cent over the last seven days, with 52,009 reported on Thursday and the reproduction number estimated between 1.0 and 1.2, suggesting an exponential growth. The current rise has been fuelled by high levels of infection in secondary schools, where 7.8 per cent of children were infected in the last week. Johnson urged this group to get their vaccinations and said they could do so "with complete confidence."

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