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REVIEW: Apple TV 4K and the much cooler Siri Remote

CNN, 23 Nov 2021
Who this is for:
If you currently have an Apple TV 4K, we’d buy the remote. Unless you care about high-frame-rate content (and have content to watch that supports it), the speed increase from the newer processor won’t make much of a difference. If you’re still using an Apple TV HD, it’s a pretty clear night and day difference. Setup is much faster along with navigating tvOS, but your content starts streaming faster as well.


What you need to know:
The Apple TV 4K is a high-end streaming box designed from the ground up for the Apple user. It puts all of the core services on the big screen and it’s controlled through an intuitive user interface that doesn’t hide content or apps behind many layers. The new Siri Remote is a delight and the best remote we’ve tested.

How it compares:
The new Apple TV 4K is faster than competitors like the Roku Ultra, Streambar and Google Chromecast. At $50 for Chromecast or Roku Express 4K, you get similar features and support for core visual standards at a more affordable price, though we do prefer the aluminum and intuitive Siri Remote over plastic remotes bundled with Rokus. Apple TV 4K runs tvOS and you have access to the App Store for thousands of streaming services, which historically have come to Apple TV before other platforms. Lastly, the Apple TV 4K makes sense as a player for those in the Apple ecosystem, as photos, music and what you’re watching will sync across all your devices.

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