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Mother in China reunites with missing son after 32-year search

SCMP, 28 Nov 2021
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Li Jingzhi spent more than three decades searching for her son, who went missing as a toddler in central China’s Shaanxi province. She travelled to nearly every Chinese province, following every lead that never panned out until the spring of 2020, when DNA technology confirmed that a man in Chengdu was Li's missing son, Jiajia. After being reunited with her son in a nationally televised event, Li became a high-profile advocate for helping families in China find their missing children. Recounting her long search, Li said she never lost hope. Her son, Jiajia, meanwhile, spoke out for the first time about his years growing up with his foster parents and how reuniting with his birth parents helped him to understand that he was not abandoned.

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