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Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin of 'nuclear' sanctions on Russia in a video call

Telegraph, 08 Dec 2021
Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin that the US and Europe were prepared to impose "nuclear" economic sanctions against Russia should it invade Ukraine in a high-stakes video call on Tuesday.

The much-anticipated video meeting began with smiles and warm greetings between the two leaders, according to Russian state media.

"Greetings, Mr President," Mr Putin said in a brief video clip released by the Kremlin. Mr Biden said it was "good to see" his Russian counterpart, adding that he hoped their next session would be in person.

The tense meeting was one of the most critical tests of Mr Biden's presidency to date, viewed by Washington as a last-ditch attempt to ease tensions over fears that Moscow is preparing to attack its neighbour.

The White House said Mr Biden made clear to Mr Putin that the West was prepared to impose drastic sanctions in the event of a military escalation along the border.

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