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Media Challengers Reality Show: Yunnan

CGTN, 04 Dec 2021
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With rural scenery, continuous peaks and dotted lakes, this is Puzhehei's scenic area in Yunnan, southwestern China. The Media Challenger Yunnan Line took a boat and received the blessings of water splashing from locals. In a short time, the team have tried operating "The Most Beautiful Homestay" in Puzhehei, admired lotus ponds, learned folk songs of the Yi people and enjoyed a bonfire feast. Now see if they can complete their latest task in this episode of The Media Challengers Reality Show series.

The CGTN Media Challengers campaign began on April 8, 2021, with the goal of looking for English-speaking presenters, on-camera reporters, DJs and social media influencers to report and create content from all over the world. Thousands of outstanding applicants from more than 130 countries and regions have participated in the campaign.

For more event details, please visit the Media Challengers' page.

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