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Switerland votes on COVID-19 restrictions in national referendum

DW, 28 Nov 2021
Swiss voters have turned out in near-record numbers for a referendum on the national COVID-19 restrictions. After an unusually tense and hostile campaign, early projections show a majority favor the current law.
Under it, only people who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative are allowed to attend public events and gatherings. The law also provides billions of Swiss francs in aid for workers and businesses hit by the pandemic. Switzerland is the first European country to put its pandemic measures to a public vote.
France's minister for overseas territories is on his way to Martinique and Guadeloupe, following days of violent protests on the Caribbean islands. The French government has vowed a firm response to the unrest. Local opposition to COVID-19 measures imposed by Paris, is adding to longstanding grievances over representation and living standards.


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