Sunday, Nov 29, 2020
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Americans react to Trump’s tax report: “Makes my blood boil”

CA, 30 Sep 2020
Visitors to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington reacted differently to a recent New York Times report claiming President Donald Trump paid only $750 in federal income taxes for 2016 and 2017.

Kay Campora of Palmetto, Fla. said the report was just a distraction from more important issues.

"You've got to allow God to make the decision as to whether somebody is doing wrong or not," she said.

Other visitors said they were disturbed by the report.

"It makes my blood boil. Everything he does makes my blood boil. And what's gonna make my blood boil even more is if there are no consequences to this," Betsy Shields of Germantown, Maryland said. "It's just more proof that he's a con man and always has been."

Trump has relied on heavy losses across his business empire to help nearly erase his federal income tax bill, according to a report on Sunday from The New York Times.

Citing previously unseen tax-return data going back over 20 years, the Times shed new light on Trump's finances.

In 10 of the previous 15 years, Trump paid no federal income taxes at all.

Despite reporting hundreds of millions of dollars in income, Trump effectively erased his tax bill by reporting heavy losses across his business interests.

Trump dismissed the story as "fake news" at a news conference on Sunday.

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