Thursday, Feb 25, 2021
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Inside China's CDC: State of COVID Vaccines

CGTN, 04 Feb 2021
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Since the earliest days of the pandemic, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has pulled out all the stops in dealing with the invisible enemy. Chinese CDC scientists were the first in the world to identify the novel coronavirus. They shared its genome sequence with the world, and later helped develop test kits and vaccines. Tian Wei had the chance to visit the Chinese CDC site in person in Beijing, with Dr. Gao Fu, the head of the agency. He has become a familiar figure in China since the pandemic, sometimes caught in controversy. Dr. Gao introduced Tian to his colleagues who are working hard to study the novel coronavirus, in a high-security lab where test results have a big impact on people's lives. Tian also sat down with him to get the latest on the vaccines and what we can expect in the future.

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