Sunday, Mar 07, 2021
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No transparency | What does Queen Elizabeth have?

RT, 10 Feb 2021
In the 1970s, Queen Elizabeth II sent her solicitor to lobby the government, which consequently amended a draft law to shield her personal finances and extravagant wealth from scrutiny, archived documents have revealed.
Unearthed by the Guardian, the National Archives documents point to an effort by the British royal family to get a special exemption from transparency rules of the Companies Act. The law authorises directors of public companies to demand disclosure of beneficiaries from nominee shareholders — a measure meant to prevent secret consolidation of ownership through front companies.

A clause in the law, reportedly inserted after the Queen’s intervention, allows the state secretary to shield entities from scrutiny for “special reasons.” Such an exemption was reportedly given to a single subsidiary of the Bank of England called Bank of England Nominees Limited (BOEN).


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