Thursday, Feb 25, 2021
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Cops assault people filming them during arrest… and are caught on film

RT, 10 Feb 2021
In a digest of modern times, two Spanish cops have been caught on camera beating up two people who were filming them as they arrested another man – by people filming the people filming them.
Let’s break that down.
Two police officers arrested a man in the town of Arrecife.
As they did so, two people, apparently a man and a woman, watched, with the woman filming events on her phone.
One of the officers reacted by slapping the phone out of the woman’s hand and swinging a punch at the man, leading to a clumsy melee involving that officer and the two people.
This was eventually brought to an end when the second officer entered the fray, knocking the man seemingly unconscious with a single left hook.
All of this was witnessed by several neighbors, at least one of whom filmed it.
But was someone filming the people who were filming the people getting beaten up for filming the cops?
An investigation has been launched by Arrecife Town Hall (into the police, not our question).

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