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German coup plot: Concerned villagers want nothing to do with main suspect, Prince Heinrich XIII

CA, 09 Dec 2022
Neighbours of the main suspect in a German coup plot distanced themselves from Prince Heinrich XIII on Thursday, saying they wanted nothing to do with the man whom police arrested a day earlier.

Klaus Schwalbe, an elderly passerby in Bad Lobenstein, was clearly agitated.

“I and the vast majority of people here have definitely nothing in common with these people,” local resident Klaus Schwalbe said in reference to the Reichsbürger, or Citizens of the Reich movement believed to be behind the coup plot. “I don’t care what he calls himself, the Thirteenth or the Eighteenth, I really don’t care, we want nothing to do with that."

Juergen Spoerl, another local, simply said “oh yes, the Reichsbürger, they have strange views.”

Members of the Reichsbürger do not recognize modern-day Germany as a legitimate state.

Some of them are devoted to the German empire under monarchy, while some are adherents of Nazi ideas. Others believe Germany is under military occupation. As a former member of a German royal family and identified only as Heinrich XIII P. R. under Germany's privacy law, he owns the local castle in Bad Lobenstein.

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