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Rep. Jacobs: 'Rioters' won't change our democracy

AP, 13 Jan 2021
Newly sworn in Congresswoman Sara Jacobs is among those supporting calls for President Donald Trump's impeachment. She says those responsible for what she calls an "attempted coup" must be held accountable. (Jan. 12)

She says those responsible for what she calls an "attempted coup" must be held accountable.

The newly sworn in Congresswoman, who had just started her new job as a member of the House Democratic caucus, said she was terrified when rioters attacked the US Capitol. She was in the House chamber when Trump supporters attempted to breach security lines and enter. Later once she and other members were evacuated from the House floor and the Capitol was secure, she decided to press for the impeachment of President Donald Trump along with other Democratic lawmakers.

"One of the most important things we need to do right now is to relentlessly continue the norms and traditions of our democracy. And so I'm still going into the Capitol. I'm going to vote this evening. I'm still going to attend inauguration in person. And I think we need to show that no angry mob, no rioters are able to change how our democracy functions," Rep. Jacobs said.

Jacobs said was on a security briefing call with other House Democrats where they were updated on potential threats, but she says she feels confident that law enforcement will increase security measures in the days leading up to inaguration day.

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