Sunday, Jan 17, 2021
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Trump impeachment: House debates impeaching the president for 2nd time | HIGHLIGHTS

CA, 14 Jan 2021
U.S. House Republicans and Democrats debated on Wednesday whether to vote to impeach President Donald Trump on a charge of "inciting an insurrection" after pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building last week as lawmakers counted the electoral college vote.

Democrats one-by-one spoke about the riot and criticized Trump, blaming him for the violence and stressing they had to hold him accountable.

Most Republicans slammed the Democrats for bringing forward another impeachment against Trump, with many echoing each other that the move would further divide the country when it was seeking unity. But not all stood with them as 10 Republicans announced both on the floor or by a statement they would vote to impeach Trump. Some, like Rep. Dan Newhouse said while the impeachment article was not perfect, there was "no excuse" for Trump's inaction during the riot and that he did nothing to stop the "domestic threat," a part of the oath the president swore to do when he took office.

When the House voted, the 10 Republicans voted with all Democrats 232-197 to impeach Trump. The article of impeachment will now be sent to the Senate to decide whether to convict and remove the president from office.

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