Friday, Mar 31, 2023
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'Toothless' Leopards and 'battered' Abrams: Russian TV mocks Nato tanks promised to Ukraine

Guardian, 26 Jan 2023
Russian state TV reacted with acerbic putdowns on Wednesday to the news that the US and Germany had finally agreed to send tanks to Ukraine.
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The Rossiya-24 TV channel broadcast a series of stories mocking the Nato member countries' tanks. In one on-air sequence titled 'Toothless cats' – a pun on the German-made Leopard tanks – the presenter said the German-made tanks were 'more primitive', heavier, less manoeuvrable and had a shorter firing range when compared to Russian T-90s.

In an on-screen graphic showing a fictional battle between T-90 and Leopard tanks, the news anchor said that half of the Nato platoon would be hit before it even reached the battlefield. Another withering sequence called the US-made tanks 'battered Abrams', showing footage of the armoured vehicles being struck in a number of past battles and highlighting their 'weak points' on a blueprint.

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