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Kansas game warden shoots to free entangled deer

AP, 14 Jan 2021
Warning: Video contains violent content.

A Kansas game warden's body camera was rolling when he fired a shot to free two whitetail deer struggling after their antlers became entangled. The deer dashed off in opposite directions, apparently unhurt. (Jan. 13)

The incident happened on Jan. 7 in Jackson County, north of the state capital of Topeka.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism says a bowhunter summoned the game warden who first tossed a cloth over the heads of the struggling animals.

The entire encounter was caught on video and lasts four minutes.

Near the end of the footage, the officer raises his revolver and fires a single shot at the antlers.

The two bucks break free and dash off in opposite directions.

Game wardens say the animals weren't injured.

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