Monday, Apr 19, 2021
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Compton, Calif. industrial area engulfed in flames, no deaths reported

CA, 27 Feb 2021
Firefighters battled a massive fire in an industrial area in Compton, Calif. Friday morning.

The blaze broke out at a pallet yard and spread to a bus yard. Multiple buses were engulfed in flames, wooden pallets burned quickly and thick plumes of smoke billowed into the sky.

Several transformers near the fire started blowing, causing a chain reaction to other transformers.

Robert Vega with Reddaway Transportation said he and his partner were jolted by electricity after a line fell near them, hitting Vega in the arm and his partner was hit with electricity in his back.
No other injuries have been reported so far.

Officials said fire crews arrived on the scene just after 6:30 a.m. local time.

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