Saturday, Apr 17, 2021
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Court acquits LGBT activists in Poland

DW, 03 Mar 2021
A Polish court acquitted the three women. The ruling is being seen as a victory for freedom of speech in a European country that has made headlines recently--more for restricting, not extending, freedom.
It was more than half a milleneum ago when the icon known as the Black Madonna took its place among Roman Catholicism's most revered symbols.
Two years ago this religious icon became a symbol of a modern-day social struggle. In 2019 three women were arrested after they distributed images of the Madonna, not with a halo, but with a rainbow, a symbol for the LGBT community, a symbol for tolerance and acceptance of others. The conservative Life and Family Foundation accused the women of desecration and offending religious beliefs. A charge that carried with it a two year prison sentence if convicted.


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