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What are the legal battles Donald Trump still faces?

DW, 14 Feb 2021
Trump may have won a second acquittal -- but that doesn't mean his legal troubles are over. There are multiple investigations into his conduct -- at both the state and federal level -- which could scupper his hopes for a political comeback. We have this look now at some of the legal battles awaiting the former president.
The president's niece, Mary Trump, not only wrote a book about her uncle – she accuses him and two of his siblings of cheating her out of her inheritance. The doctor of psychology is seeking half a million dollars in damages.
Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, did business on behalf of Trump and for that he was sentenced to three years in jail.
Cohen was charged with negotiating payouts for Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult entertainer Stormy Daniels to keep quiet during the 2016 election about their sexual relationships with Trump. As sitting president, Trump was not charged for violating campaign funding rules -- but he could be now.
For more than a year New York district attorney Cyrus Vance requested access to tax and financial documents pertaining to Trump and his businesses, on suspicion of insurance and bank fraud, and tax evasion. It's unclear if Trump's tax returns will show evidence of crimes but, should suspicions harden, Trump could face severe consequences.
Trump is said to have artificially inflated the value of his real estate portfolio when applying for credit – and undervalued it significantly when paying property tax. Trump's son Eric is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization – he has already given witness testimony.
The sexual misconduct lawsuits
Several women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, including rape – he has consistently called the claims fabrications.
In the face of such denials, some of Trump's accusers have launched libel actions. Among them, Summer Zervos, an ex-contestant on Trump's TV show 'The Apprentice', and Jean Carroll, a former columnist for Elle magazine.
And then there's the phone call on January 2nd, after votes were cast in Georgia, in which Trump apparently pressured an electoral official. That, too, could have legal consequences.


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