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Supreme Court of Canada set to hear comedian's case

CA, 15 Feb 2021
The Supreme Court of Canada is set to hear a case against Mike Ward, a stand-up comedian from Quebec, after a human rights tribunal ruled that his joke that makes fun of a boy with a rare genetic disorder is an act of discrimination.

From 2010 to 2013, Ward performed a show in which he poked fun at the appearance of Jeremy Gabriel, who has Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterized by underdeveloped cheekbones and jaws.

During his show, he joked about Gabriel's appearance, his illness and his abilities as a singer.

Gabriel's parents filed a complaint and the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal found in 2016 that Ward's performances included discriminatory comments against the teenager and ordered him to pay $35,000 to the singer and $7,000 to his mother.

Ward has been fighting the ruling since and the case is set to heard at the Supreme Court on Monday. Mike Armstrong reports.

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