Saturday, Mar 06, 2021
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Live: Chinese New Year celebrations in northwest China's Xi'an City

CGTN, 18 Feb 2021
How are people in northwest China's Xi'an City celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year? At the heart of Xi'an's Yanta District, visitors are exploring the city's rich cultural heritage by immersing in holiday activities, local music and dance performances and reaching out their hands to the "Roly-poly doll" performer, an internet sensation in China. Join CGTN to find out more.
The Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday in China. Customs celebrating the New Year vary greatly from place to place. From February 16 to 26, our livestream series "All About Chinese New Year" explore 10 different cities in China to show you the rich diversity of Chinese culture during the Lunar New Year holiday. #SpringFestival2021
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