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In full: Nicola Sturgeon sets out plans for Scotland's schools to reopen

Telegraph, 16 Feb 2021
The"phased and gradual return to school" will go ahead in Scotland as planned from Monday, the First Minister has confirmed.

Nicola Sturgeon said the "core" stay at home message of lockdown will remain, although she will set out the criteria for lifting lockdown to MSPs shortly.

Children aged four to seven and secondary pupils who need to carry out practical assignments are expected to be given the green light to go back to school ahead of England's students.

The First Minister has said she was "very keen" to begin the phased return of younger pupils to schools, although other easements are not expected at this stage.

Her statement comes nearly a week before Boris Johnson's, putting Scotland ahead of Westminster yet again - much to the annoyance of some Conservative backbenchers, who question why children south of the border cannot return at the same time.

Welsh primary schools will begin reopening next Monday, while in Northern Ireland, schools remain closed to most pupils until at least March 8.

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