Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021
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Green dogs spotted in Russia

RT, 13 Feb 2021
Sometimes green dogs are not a side effect of those funny mushrooms ... they can be real.
Green canines started appearing on the streets of Podolsk, a city near Moscow, a few weeks ago. The local animal welfare society claimed to have investigated the issue and released a statement saying that the likely cause of this unusual coloration was dry paint that could've been spilled on the ground. They explained that the paint is not toxic and that the dogs themselves are healthy, vaccinated and chipped.
Recently, however, BLUE dogs appeared in the Russian Dzerzhinsk region. Seeing as how the animals were spotted on the premises of a local chemical plant, the likely cause for their change of color is attributed to chemicals that could've been stored in one of the abandoned warehouses. An investigation has been launched into this separate discovery.
Now we just have to hope that an evil purple alien man with a nutsack for a chin doesn't invade our planet in hopes of collecting all of the infinity doggos.

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