Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021
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Did China deliberately spread disinformation about the coronavirus?

DW, 15 Feb 2021
China has responded with anger to allegations from the US that it withheld information about the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak last year. Beijing said Washington had quote 'already gravely damaged international cooperation on COVID- 19' and was now 'pointing fingers at other countries.' The comments come as the US said it had 'deep concerns' about China's handling of a WHO mission investigating the origins of the pandemic in the central city of Wuhan. The WHO team is expected to present their findings as early as this week. Several members of the team said they were happy with the access to information provided by China. But others including Australian microbologist, Dominic Dwyer said China refused to give then RAW data on early COVID cases and that this could complicate efforts to understand how the outbreak began. With aspects of the WHO mission to China still unclear, the uncertainty over the origins of the coronavirus are compounded by a deliberate disinformation campaign by China.


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