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The Covid lockdown roadmap revealed: Key dates for easing restrictions in England

Telegraph, 22 Feb 2021
Boris Johnson has announced a gradual roadmap for reopening that will see Covid-19 restrictions eased over four steps spread across at least four months.

The plans are an attempt to kick-start the British economy and ease the societal pressures of lockdown without triggering a dangerous resurgence of the virus.

The roadmap will be underpinned by four key “tests” that are linked to data, which will act like a checklist that must be met before moving onto the next step of reopening.

The four tests are: the vaccine rollout is going as planned; vaccines are effective in bringing down deaths and hospitalisations; case numbers are not rising so fast that the NHS risks being overwhelmed; new variants do not create unforeseen risks.

The third test has triggered early debate, because rising cases alone will not be enough to stop reopening. That will happen only if rising cases risk overwhelming hospitals.

The four steps are separated five weeks apart. That leaves four weeks to monitor the impact of the preceding step and one week to give people notice.

The reopening is designed to happen uniformly across England, so there is no return to the Tier system.

In the video are the dates of the roadmap. The dates are the earliest dates at which the next step could happen, with delays possible if the data takes a negative turn. 

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