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US President Biden declares state of 'major disaster' in Texas

DW, 21 Feb 2021
US President Joe Biden has declared a state of 'major disaster' in Texas - following crippling winter weather. At least two dozen people died in the unusual cold, which disrupted electricity and water supplies. DW's Carolina Chinoy reports from Houston.
Texas is not out of the woods yet. Thousands of families have been arriving in their cars to the mass distribution center in the city of Houston. The shortage of water is now the biggest challenge .
Now the city is trying to help. Millions of bottles of water are being distributed in a coordinated effort with dozens of volunteers. Each car gets no more than three cases, regardless of how many family members. But they have to be able to pick it up in downtown Houston.
Roland Granajo has been collecting groceries and water all day long. He distributes this to the community out of his garage – to people who don’t have a car or who have to work during the day.
Roland used to work as a case manager for a lawyer. He lost his job due to the pandemic, but at least he now has the time to help his community. It’s going to take some months before things get back to normal in Texas. At least the weather forecast isn't predicting any more winter storms.


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