Saturday, Mar 06, 2021
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Reality check for coronavirus vaccination strategies

DW, 28 Jan 2021
The European Union and British-Swedish drugmaker, AstraZeneca, have failed to make a breakthrough in a dispute over supply shortages of COVID-19 vaccine to the bloc. The company said in a statement that it had a constructive conversation with the EU about scaling up production. AstraZeneca had sparked anger by saying it would deliver less than half of doses of the vaccine than promised in the first quarter of the year. Roll-out of the vaccine has been slower than expected across the European Union and here in Germany frustration is growing. The country has been vaccinating against the Corona virus for four weeks. But not everything had gone smoothly. How many people have already been successfully vaccinated? Where do the problems lie? One month after the first jab – we had a look around in Germany and vaccination campaigns worldwide.


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