Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022
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Easter Island fire ravages famous Moai statues, causing “irreparable” damage

CA, 08 Oct 2022
Wildfires over the past week has caused "irreparable" damage to Rapa Nui, Chile’s (Easter Island) megalithic and sacred Moai statues, charring some of the iconic stone heads beyond repair.

“The damage is unquantifiable, unmeasurable. It is also unrecoverable because the fire warms the stone, and the stone cracks. Our scientists, along with the park’s administration, will have to go to the island to make the corresponding analysis and see how big the damage is and what we’ll have to do in the future. I do not know if there is a solution for this,” Rapa Nui Mayor Pedro Edmunds Paoa said.

After the fire broke out on Monday, the flames raged through Rapa Nui national park, 3,500 km off the coast of Chile.

More than 100 hectares of land in the Rano Raraku sector was reportedly affected by the fire, including where the Moai statues reside.

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