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Beijing residents refuse building lockdown, COVID-19 testing

CA, 27 Nov 2022
COVID-19 restrictions were lifted for some residents in Beijing's Chaoyang district on Saturday, after they questioned the decisions of property management to lock all building exits two days earlier.

The building management issued a notice on Thursday after one positive case of COVID-19 was found. Residents were prevented from leaving the building and all exits were locked, including the only safety exit. Residents shared news and information in online groups before approaching authorities.

Resident Ji Zhang reported the issue to the local police. “The property management doesn’t have the right to seal the door,” Zhang told Reuters. “After that, I opened the door and I called the police to report this.”

Authorities in China’s western Xinjiang region also opened up some neighborhoods in the capital of Urumqi on Saturday after residents held extraordinary late-night demonstrations against the city’s draconian “zero-COVID” lockdown that had lasted more than three months.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/9307117/china-xinjiang-lockdown-protests-zero-covid-policy/

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