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Has the COVID-19 pandemic increased inequality against women? | COVID-19 Special

DW, 08 Mar 2021
The coronavirus has put inequality in the spotlight. Women are misrepresented in many industries and the pandemic's made that worse. Consultancy McKinsey says women are almost twice as likely as men to lose their job due to COVID. Women are less likely to be in full-time work and are more likely to be caregivers at home. Far fewer women work in science and engineering. That's despite girls often outpacing boys in school. Women are needed like never before, as the COVID death toll continues to rise.
The crisis has wrecked relationships, families and lives. It's put back progress on many social fronts, including women's rights. We sent out our reporters to find out how some women around the world view COVID-19.
And women provide the bulk of work as caregivers -- looking after the young, the old, and the sick. In Germany, most nurses are women -- and they often earn significantly less than their male colleagues.


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