Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021
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White House cuts Biden live feed

RT, 05 Mar 2021
Far be it from us to suggest that Biden's staff might have been playing it safe during an online event, but it seems that someone's finger slipped over the ‘end stream’ button just before the president could put himself in the path of any potential embarrassment.
As the Democrats’ Virtual Issues Conference was wrapping up, Biden was heard to say ‘I'd be happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do’ to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And then – out of nowhere – the feed ended.
Critics were quick to pick up on this technological blunder, given that Joe Biden isn't exactly immune to gaffes when speaking off the cuff. Many on social media wondered if he was being ‘protected’ by his ‘handlers,’ with others asking if the White House had a real fear of ‘unscripted Biden.’
Of course, it could just be that some poor staffer pressed the wrong button. But the fact that the feed didn't return will certainly have helped to fuel speculation over the exact reasons for the shutdown.

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