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'No one wants the Taliban to return' - Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the EU and NATO | Conflict Zone

DW, 25 Mar 2021
Peace talks are back on between Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban, with renewed urgency as the US increases pressure on reaching a political solution before a May 1st troop withdrawal deadline. Amid a surge in violence, there are concerns over what a power sharing arrangement with the Taliban could mean for human rights, especially the rights of women and girls. Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the EU and NATO, Nazirullah Salarzai said no on wanted the Taliban to return.

Nearly 20 years after the Taliban was pushed out of power in Kabul by the US-led coalition in the wake of the September 11th attacks, the radical Islamist group is at the negotiating table with the Afghan government. A power-sharing agreement is in the works, as the US and other international forces prepare for a May 1st troop withdrawal deadline. Will Washington walk away after spending so much blood and treasure or so long? The lack of progress on so many levels in Afghanistan is clear: corruption remains endemic and human rights seem to be slipping as the Taliban waits in the wings. Can the Kabul government finally deliver on the promises it has made to reform?

DW’s Sarah Kelly asked Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the EU and NATO, Nazifullah Salarzai if his government can deliver to its partners and for its people.

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