Saturday, Apr 17, 2021
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Iceland volcano: Thousands watch dramatic lava show as eruption continues

CA, 29 Mar 2021
Thousands of Icelanders headed to a volcano that is continuing to spew lava since it started to erupt more than a week ago. Since the eruption on March 19, people have hiked to the site on the Reykjanes Peninsula, some 30 kilometers southwest of the capital, to be awed by the rare lava fountains.

"It feels like a music festival here to have so many people around so. I love how many people are here," said adventure guide and businesswoman Eyrun Lydia Saevarsdottir who has been to the volcano three times already.

Photographer Gunnar Freyr said the volcano was what people needed to forget about the pandemic. People danced, sang, and even played volleyball, casually in front of the erupting volcano.

Volcanologists have no idea how long the fiery show will continue, saying it could stop soon or continue for years, possibly even decades.

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