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Salmond re-enters Scottish politics: How does this impact the SNP? night

BBC, 27 Mar 2021
Former SNP leader Alex Salmond has announced the creation of a new pro-independence party which will contest the Scottish Parliament election. Please subscribe HERE

The former first minister said he would be among the candidates who will stand for the Alba Party on regional lists.

Other Scottish parties including the SNP condemned the move as the return of a man who was unfit for public office, who has admitted to misbehaviour in his relations with women, despite being cleared in court.

How could this political divorce within the independence movement impact a second referendum?

And what difference could Salmond’s new party make to the SNP?

Newsnight’s Policy Editor Lewis Goodall reports.

Faisal Islam is joined by former Scottish first minster and now leader of the Alba Party, Alex Salmond and leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Douglas Ross.

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