Sunday, Apr 11, 2021
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New study shows extent of anti-Asian racism in Canada

CA, 24 Mar 2021
The Chinese Canadian National Council has tallied 643 complaints on its online platforms of anti-Asian harassment during the pandemic, with incidents ranging from verbal harassment to spitting and coughing.

Mom Cristina Carpio in Toronto and psychologist Gina Wong in Edmonton noted racism towards Asian people in Canada isn’t new and as Wong points out, has been rooted in Canadian history for decades.

“There is a long-standing history of hate and racism against Asian individuals going far back as over a century ago,” she says.

“Chinese workers were brought in to U.S. and Canada to build the railway and seen as a dispensable race.”

Once the railway was finished in 1885, the Canadian government enforced a “head tax” and any Chinese immigrant would have to pay a tax from $50 up to $500. This meant millions of dollars over the next few years.

“In 2006 the Canadian government issued an apology and financial reparation, but there is long-standing history of racism against Asians,” Wong said.

Kamil Karamali has more.


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