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Protesters in Myanmar join 'silent strike' after soldiers kill 7-year-old girl

DW, 24 Mar 2021
In Yangon, Myanmar's biggest city, many businesses were closed and few vehicles were seen on the road after a call by pro-democracy activists for a silent strike.

The strike comes a day after staff at a funeral service in Mandalay told Reuters news agency that a seven-year-old girl had died of bullet wounds in the city - the youngest of about 275 people killed in the bloody crackdown, according to the AAPP.

Soldiers shot at her father but hit the girl who was sitting on his lap inside their home, her sister told the Myanmar Now media outlet. Two men were also killed in the district, it said.

The military had no immediate comment on the incident.

The junta has faced international condemnation for staging the coup that halted Myanmar’s slow transition to democracy and for its lethal suppression of the protests that followed.


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