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Does intelligent life exist beyond Earth? | The Stream

Al Jazeera, 25 Mar 2021
Astronomer Avi Loeb argues that a 2017 sighting of an interstellar space object, which scientists named ‘Oumuamua, was evidence of advanced alien technology.

His controversial hypothesis generated curiosity and excitement while also putting him at odds with astronomers who believe in a more natural explanation for the ‘Oumuamua phenomenon. Perhaps ‘Oumuamua was an abnormal asteroid or comet, some say. But Loeb, a Harvard professor and a former chair of its astronomy department, believes the oblong space object was an alien lightsail, propelled through our solar system by energy from a sun or star.

In this episode of The Stream, we’ll speak to Avi Loeb about his latest book, “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth” and ask why he believes we are not alone in the universe.

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