Saturday, Apr 10, 2021
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Biden Officially Places Kamala Harris In Charge Of Border Crisis

RT, 26 Mar 2021
Special Guests: Henry Davis/Senator Toby Overdorf

Joe Biden, who faces intense scrutiny over his gross mishandling of the escalating immigration crisis on the southern U.S. border, spoke about the situation today at the White House, where he announced that Vice President Kamala Harris will take a lead role in dealing with the crisis (but it’s just a “challenge,” remember?)

Hilariously, Biden leaned on Harris’ experience in her position as California Attorney General, as if that has much, if any, relevance to handling an immigration crisis that grows worse by the hour.

“This increase has been consequential,” Bided said of the crisis. “I can’t think of nobody who is better qualified than, this a woman who led the second-biggest attorney general’s office in America,” Biden said.
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