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Kent under strain: Living on the front line of the migrant crisis

Telegraph, 31 Mar 2021
Despite lockdown, this year there have been more migrants attempting to cross the Channel by boat than in the same period last year. 

Under plans announced by Home Secretary Priti Patel, Border Force officers are to get new Australian-style “turn-back” powers to stop and redirect boats carrying illegal migrants across the Channel. But the new sovereign borders bill isn't likely to come into affect until Autumn.

In the meantime, as the weather improves more people will attempt to make the dangerous crossing.  Last summer, Roger Gough, leader of Kent County Council said the numbers of migrant children crossing the Channel was 'unsustainable' and the authority was being 'overwhelmed'. So as the number of migrants continue to climb, can the communities and services on the frontline cope? 

This film documents the ongoing struggle between sympathies and frustrations of those living on the Kent Coast. 

With special thanks to:
Matt Coker
John Woollett
Colin Myers
Kadir Samad
Bridget Chapman, Kent Refugee Action Network

Archive - PA / BBC
Director - Edward Emsley
Production Manager - Carla de Nicola
Researcher - Elliott Daly
Camera - Andy Mackenzie
Film Editor - Josh Bourne
Graphics - Mia Teixeira
Music - Audionetworks
Executive Producers - Andy Mackenzie and Danielle Robinson

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