Saturday, Apr 17, 2021
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Chopper's Politics Podcast: Campbell, Currie, and a campaigning mayor

Telegraph, 02 Apr 2021
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Alastair Campbell joins Christopher Hope to talk about most people's worst nightmare: the publication of his diaries. He begrudgingly takes some of the responsibility for the rise of Boris Johnson, reflects on Labour's first 'year of Keir' and gives Chris a signature telling off.

Also on the show: Chris looks ahead to the May elections and catches up with Mayor for the West Midlands Andy Street, to talk about why you shouldn't ask if Birmingham is a commuter town, and to settle the great debate: do the Midlands lie in the South or North of England? And, making a return to politics after twenty-four years, Edwina Currie tells us how she was inspired by the plethora of septuagenarian politicians across the pond.

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